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When you work with us, you get personalized service from Grant Hustad and his sales associates.  Grant has been in business for 40 years negotiating sales and appraising inventory. He has flown 10,000 hours in more than 45 makes and models of aircraft and was PIC on no less than 150 general aviation international flights.   He knows domestic and international Aviation.

We look forward to putting this expertise to work for you.

International Aircraft Services, LLC






Bringing a Global Dimension to the Aircraft Market Place,

For Domestic and International Buyers and Sellers


     You Pay -0-

            for                  Advertising Costs

IAS agrees to advertise your aircraft for the entire time you have your aircraft listed with us, in both domestic and international markets.  You will not pay anything to IAS until your aircraft sells.

Import / Export

Literally thousands of general aviation aircraft have been exported from the US to other countries in the last 3 years.  With recent changes in the value of the US dollar, the playing field has also changed where we look for inventory and where we look for markets.

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We are a complete source for aircraft acquisition and marketing. Most importantly, we have years of experience to achieve your best value possible.  Here are some of the tools we can put to work for you.
  • Whether you are on the buy or sell side of the equation, our negotiation skills are second to none and you will want them on your side of the deal 
  • Accurate appraisals are the key to moving aircraft within a reasonable time frame. Associates at IAS have been doing them for 40 years
  • More than 2000 international and domestic email contact data base
  • Connections to competitive containerization for over seas deliveries or purchases
  • Trouble free buy / sell agreements
  • Delivery and Ferry estimates with "guaranteed not to exceed" expenses


Whether you are Buying or Selling....  You'll want the professionalism and experience of IAS on your side of the negotiation! 

International Aircraft Services, LLC      (IAS)

Grant Hustad